The mission of Susanville School District is to educate all students to their fullest potential, and to promote responsible, self-reliant, independent, caring students who have the skills and attitudes necessary to become successful and productive citizens within a safe, supportive environment.


  • A community’s influence is an important part of a child’s life.
  • Humanity is strengthened by diverse talents and abilities.
  • The ability to deal effectively with change is essential.
  • Morals, ethics, and/or behaviors are rooted in basic spiritual and philosophical beliefs.
  • It is essential to raise children in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Parents have shared responsibility with schools for the education of children.
  • All individuals benefit from an appropriate acknowledgment of their achievement.
  • Individuals benefit by being treated with respect.
  • Education promotes a sense of personal worth, community, and social responsibility.

  • To provide a rigorous comprehensive curriculum that challenges and engages all students to reach academic excellence;
  • To recruit, develop and retain exceptional teachers, administrators and staff;
  • To ensure a clean, safe and orderly environment that supports learning;
  • To establish and maintain excellent schools and a variety of meaningful program options for every child;
  • To ensure quality management, financial integrity, meaningful accountability and an effective technology and communication infrastructure;
  • To engage and sustain the trust and involvement of the entire community in our education movement to create excellent schools;
  • To provide the resources necessary to ensure an optimal environment for teaching and learning and accountability for achieving academic success.